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Furnace Procedures

  • Replace air filter

  • Test for carbon monoxide

  • Lubricate motor & bearings

  • Inspect heat exchanger, safety controls, blower motor, and inducer motor

  • Clean burner compartment

  • Activate humidifier and check water panel and drain line

  • Check and adjust pilot assembly

  • Check defrost timer for proper operation on heat pumps


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A/C Procedures

  • Replace air filter

  • Check refrigerant levels

  • Inspect compressor, voltage, amperage, starter relay, and contractors

  • Clean and calibrate the thermostat

  • Wash and clean outdoor coil

  • Clean condensate drains

  • Check expansion valve and coil temperature

  • Lubricate condenser, evaporator, fan motor, and bearings


What is a PMA? Twice a year, one of our qualified technicians will professionally clean and tune-up your HVAC equipment. One visit in the Fall/Winter for your furnace and one visit in the Spring/Summer for your a/c.

PMA Benefits: Safety, efficiency, and extended equipment life. Not to mention, you save money this way!

How Do I Sign Up? Call, email, or use our website’s contact form to get in touch with us. Provide your name, address, best phone number to contact, email, and whether you have a humidifier that you want additionally serviced. From there, we will get you placed on our schedule at your earliest convenience.

How Does Payment Work? You will pay our technician at your 1st PMA visit with a check, cash, or card (Do keep in mind that paying with a card adds a 3% fee to your total). Then, your second PMA visit is pre-paid and you only need to worry about getting the second visit scheduled.

*If your unit needs a part replaced at your visit(s), your PMA payment does not cover the additional cost of the part.*