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Preventative Maintenance 

Furnace Maintenance

  • Replace air filter

  • Test for carbon monoxide

  • Lubricate motor & bearings

  • Inspect heat exchanger, safety controls, blower motor, and inducer motor

  • Clean burner compartment

  • Activate humidifier and check water panel and drain line

  • Check and adjust pilot assembly

  • Check defrost timer for proper operation on heat pumps

A/C Maintenance

  • Replace air filter

  • Check refrigerant levels

  • Inspect compressor, voltage, amperage, starter relay, and contractors

  • Clean and calibrate the thermostat

  • Wash and clean outdoor coil

  • Clean condensate drains

  • Check expansion valve and coil temperature

  • Lubricate condenser, evaporator, fan motor, and bearings


What is a Preventative Maintenance Agreement(PMA)? A PMA is a service agreement in which we send out one of our qualified technicians to professionally clean and maintain the efficacy of your HVAC equipment. Our maintenance package's include two visits: a visit in the spring to service your A/C unit and a visit in the fall to service your furnace. This is the best way to help your HVAC equipment run more efficiently while also extending its lifespan

Types of PMA packages: We offer three different PMA packages varying in price. Our Bronze PMA package is a basic service agreement that includes a bi-annual clean and service of your equipment. Our Silver PMA package includes a bi-annual clean and service of your equipment, plus a 10% discount on any parts that may be needed for repairs to your system. And our Gold Package includes a bi-annual clean and service, plus a 15% discount on any parts may be needed for repairs to your system. 

*All PMA package prices include 1" filters only.


For more information, please contact us by phone or email and we would be happy to discuss options and get you scheduled at your earliest convenience. 

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