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Helpful Hints

If you think you are in need of repairs, please check the following first…

-Make sure your thermostat is set on the heat or cool position

-Set thermostat to desired temperature

-Make sure the switch at the furnace (if applicable) is in the “On” position by turning it “off” then back “On”.

-Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.

-Check status of air filter (replace if dirty).

-For heating only, check for snow or leaves in flue pipe (high eff. Units only)


Helpful Hints for Total Comfort in you home…

-Clean or replace your filters frequently.

-Dirty filters will lower the performance and efficiency of your cooling and heating system, increasing your utility bill and could possibly cause damage to your system.

-Don’t turn your air conditioning system off.

-When you are away, your home will soak up the heat and become more difficult to cool, so it is best to leave your thermostat where you are most comfortable. If you do decide to adjust your thermostat, don’t set it back more than 10 degrees.